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Deposit Receipt Template

This section provides deposit receipt template that allows you to create your own deposit receipts quickly and easily.

A deposit receipt a document that records the receipt of funds, which a seller issues to a buyer who pays earnest money in a private sale e.g., car, home, appliances, etc. In a private sale, a buyer may pay a deposit first. This ensures that the buyer is going to return to buy the item with full purchase amount. The deposit receipt protects both buyer and seller in case of a disagreement e.g., it ensures that the seller cannot sell the item to anyone else, and the buyer loses the deposit if he does not go back with full purchase amount.

In case of a rental, a landlord issues a deposit receipt to a tenant to acknowledge a rental payment or a security deposit. The security deposit may be a part of the rental contract or a separate document. It is crucial to understand and agree with the agreements written in the contract before paying a deposit and signing the document. This helps both tenant and landlord avoid many issues in the future.

A deposit receipt is also known as a receipt for deposit.

Essential information to include on a deposit receipt

A deposit receipt must contain the following essential information:

  • Names and contact details of the buyer and seller
  • Amount of money
  • Date when the money was received
  • Signature of the seller (received by)
  • Purpose of the deposit

All deposit receipt templates in our website provide you with the necessary fields to fill out those information.