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Sales Receipt Template

This section provides you with many free sales receipt templates so that you can create your own sales receipt fast and easily.

A sale receipt includes some essential information about the purchased goods or services, the sum, and the method of payment. You issue a sales receipt to a customer when the customer makes a payment in full for the goods or services. Sometimes, a sales receipt is referred to as a proof of purchase.

Sales receipt vs. invoice

A sales receipt works like a regular invoice with a PAID stamp on it. Typically, first you invoice the customer and receive the payment, and then issue a sales receipt or the invoice with PAID stamp on it to the customer. If the customer pays you at the point of sale in full, you just need to issue a sales receipt.

Sale receipts are important for a customer in case a refund is needed or for accounting purposes.

There are several ways to create sales receipts e.g., handwritten, printed from cash registers or printed automatically from ERP systems.

Essential information to include on a sales receipt

A sales receipt typically contains the following information:

  • Name and contact details of the seller i.e., a merchant, a service provider, etc.
  • Date of sale.
  • Form of payment e.g., cash, credit card or check.
  • An itemized list of goods or services that were purchased with the price of each item.
  • Under the itemized list is a subtotal, which is the sum of the prices of items.
  • Taxes for the items if applicable.
  • A total that the customer has to pay.
  • Goods return or cash refund policy is noted clearly if applicable.

When you create a sales receipts based on our sales receipt template, all the essential information is provided so that you just need to fill out the necessity.

Creating sales receipt from a sales receipt template

You can save time creating sales receipts by follow the steps below:

  • Choose the most appropriate sales receipt template and download it to your computer.
  • Add the basic information about your company such as logo, contact details. If a customer buys products or services from your company frequently, you can create a separate template for them by inserting the customer’s information into the template.
  • Save the template as your template and use it to create sales receipts.