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Nonprofit Donation Receipt Template


If you are responsible for creating donation receipts for a non-profit organization, you can use our nonprofit donation receipt template to speed up your work.

Customize the nonprofit donation receipt template

This nonprofit donation receipt template helps you create donation receipts quickly and easily. It is a Microsoft Word document so that you can easily customize it to make it work based on your needs.

With this nonprofit donation receipt template, you can:

  • Add the organization’s logo and name.
  • Insert your organization’s address details.
  • Put tax ID number of your organization.

Information included on the nonprofit donation receipt template

The nonprofit donation receipt template gives you all necessary information so that you only have to fill out the following information when you create donation receipts:

  • Receipt number.
  • Date of issuing the receipt.
  • Information about the donor including name and address.
  • Eligible amount of donation for tax purposes, which is equivalent to the amount received by your organization minus the value of advantage. We assume that the donor receives something in exchange for the donation i.e., tickets, books, meals, etc.
  • The name and address of the appraiser who appraised the donation, which is not in the form of cash.
  • The authorized signature.

Tips for saving time creating donation receipts

To help you save time creating donation receipts, we outline the following steps:

  • Download the nonprofit donation receipt template.
  • Add the information about your organization i.e., logo, name, address, and tax ID number.
  • Save the document as your new template and use this new template for creating the receipts.

Download nonprofit donation receipt template

Start downloading the nonprofit donation receipt template now to create donation receipts for your organizations. The template allows you to print two copies per letter or A4 paper. You should keep one copy for your records and send the other copy to the donor along with a thank you letter.