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Receipt For Non-Refundable Deposit


This is a receipt for non-refundable deposit that you can use in private sales e.g., selling a used car, electronic devices or other appliances.

If you are selling a property to a buyer who paid you a deposit to hold it, you need to issue a non-refundable deposit receipt to the buyer. The non-refundable deposit receipt states that if the buyer fails to pay you the remaining amount by a specific date, the deposit amount will be forfeited. As a seller, you agree to withdraw the sold item from the market by the due date and transfer the item to the buyer once the buyer pays the remaining amount.

The template provides the basic framework so that you just have to fill out the necessary fields to complete the receipt. This will save you a lot of time drafting your own receipt from the scratch.

You should always sign the receipt before give it the buyer a copy and keep yourself a copy of the receipt.

To use the template, you just need a PDF reader e.g., Acrobat Reader or Foxit PDF Reader which is freely available.

Note: we have a receipt for non-refundable deposit designed specifically for used car sales that you can download it in the car deposit receipt page.