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Rental Deposit Receipt Template


This page provides landlords, agents, and tenants with a rental deposit receipt template for creating rental deposit receipts.

Rental deposit receipt template for landlords or agents

When you have a property for rent and a tenant has paid a deposit, you must provide the tenant with a deposit receipt.

The rental deposit receipt states that on a specific day, the prospective tenant has paid you a deposit for holding a property at a specified address. In case the prospective tenant does not take the property on the agreed date, the deposit shall be forfeited to you. If the prospective tenant takes the property, the deposit will return to the tenant after deducting the amount paid for damages, cleaning, etc.

To create rental deposit receipt, you use the rental deposit receipt form in PDF format below. It provides you with all necessary information so that you have to fill out only basic information. This will help you save hours from drafting the receipt from the scratch.

After filling out the information, you can print it out two copies. You give the prospective tenant a copy and keep yourself one copy.

Some tips on rental deposit receipt for tenant

The following are some tips for tenant regarding the rental deposit.

  • A rental deposit receipt is typically equivalent to one month’s rent.
  • You only hand over the deposit to the prospective landlord or agent if you are sure that you are going to rent the property. Don’t give the deposit to a person leaving the property or some else.
  • You should always get a copy of the rental deposit. You should avoid paying cash; in case, you lose the receipt you can get a canned check from the bank for the proof of payment.
  • If you pay a deposit for holding a property and then decide not to take it, you are at risk losing the deposit.

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