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Rent Receipt Template

If you are a landlord looking for an easy way to make rent receipts quickly, you are at the right place. In this section, you can find many rent receipt templates that help you save time creating rent receipts.

As a landlord, you are in charge of issuing a rent receipt to a tenant when the tenant makes a payment. You should also keep a copy of a receipt as a proof of rent to prevent any future disputes.

Information to include on a rent receipt?

A rent receipt includes the payment date, amount, form of payment e.g., cash or check, property address, period the payment was for, name of recipient i.e., landlord, and the name of tenant.

If there are any special situations regarding to the payment e.g., month’s rent reduction, they should be included in the rent receipt as a note. This helps both you and the tenant keep the payment history organized.

A rent receipt must also include the landlord signature therefore you sign it first before giving it to the tenant.

Importance of the rent receipts

A rent receipt provides a proof of payment for tenants so that the landlord could not charge a rent more than one.

In addition, tenants can use the rent receipt for tax claims. Tax authorities use the rent receipts to deduct rents as expenses for tenants if applicable.

In case tenants need to appeal financial aid, rent receipts are used to show how much money the tenants spend on rent. This is an important factor for evaluating eligibility.

Our rent receipt templates

To make it easy for you, we designed the rent receipt templates in PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel format so you can customize it based on your needs. Before downloading a rent receipt template, make sure that you have those applications installed in your computer.

To create rent receipts, download one of the following rent receipt template, fill the necessary information, and print it out for signing.