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Printable Rent Receipt


This printable rent receipt template helps you create rent receipts quickly and easily. A rent receipt is a PDF form so that you only have to fill out the necessary information including:

  • Date of the payment
  • Receipt number – for your receipt management internally
  • Tenant name
  • Rent period
  • Amount in dollars, pounds or euros
  • Form of payment e.g., cash, check or money order
  • Your signature

This blank rent receipt template allows you to print three rent receipts per A4 or letter paper. All you need is a PDF reader that is freely available on the internet e.g., Acrobat Reader and Foxit PDF reader. You do not need Microsoft Word, Excel or any other applications to use this receipt template.

Before giving a rent receipt to the tenant, do not forget to sign it and keep one copy for yourself for the future reference.

If you want to have a specially customized version of this free printable rent receipt e.g., adding your logo, address, or a note, etc., please feel free to contact us for the service.

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