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Charitable Donation Receipt Template


This charitable donation receipt template helps you create donation receipts easily and quickly. The receipt template is a Microsoft Word document so that you can customize everything to meet your needs. By using this donation receipt template, you can:

  • Put your charity organization name and logo.
  • Insert contact details including address, website, and email.
  • Add the tax ID of your charity organization.

Information to include on the charitable donation receipt template

This donation receipt template provides all necessary information so that you have to fill only the following information:

  • Date when you issue the receipt.
  • Receipt number, this is for your receipts management internally.
  • Donor’s name and address details.
  • Eligible amount of gift. This is for the donor’s tax purpose. He or she will get a tax deduction.
  • The appraiser who appraise the donated property in case it is not in the form of cash.
  • Description of the contributed property.
  • Authorized signature.

Time-saving tips for making donation receipts

To save time making donation receipts, you can do the following steps:

  • Download the charitable donation receipt template.
  • Add your charity organization information such as logo, address, website, etc., and save the document as your organization’s receipt template.
  • Create new receipts from the new template.

The receipt template allows you to print out 2 copies per A4 or letter paper. When creating a receipt for a donor, you should always make two copies per receipt. You keep one copy and send the other to the donor along with a thank you letter.