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Free Cash Receipt Template


This free cash receipt template helps you create cash receipts for your business quickly and easily.

You issue a cash receipt to a customer when you receive cash for goods or services from him. A cash receipt serves two main purposes. You use a cash receipt to record sales to keep your accounting data update. The customer uses cash receipts for the proof of payment by cash as well as to keep his financial records up to date.

Information to include on a cash receipt template

To create cash receipts, you do not need to do it from scratch. The cash receipt template provides you with some basic information:

  • Receipt number – for receipt management internally.
  • Payment date – is when you receive cash.
  • Customer’s name.
  • The amount that the customer has been paid.
  • The form of payments i.e., cash, check or money order.
  • The purpose of payment.

There is a section where you can put the balance information such as previous balance, the amount paid, and new balance.

You must sign in the received by section in the receipt before giving it to the customer.

Download the free cash receipt template

Please feel free to download the free cash receipt template below and customize it accordingly based on your needs.

The cash receipt template is a Microsoft Word document template so make sure that you have this software installed on your system.