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Web Design Quote Template


This professional web design quote template helps you create the web design quotations quickly and easily. If you are looking for a simple yet professional web design quote template for your business, this one will suit your needs.

In addition to this web design quote template, we have a generic service quote template that you can use as a base template for your web design quotes.

Personalize the web design quote template

The template is a Word document template so that you can customize everything from content to its appearance. This web design quote template allows you to:

  • Add your own company’s logo, name, and address details.
  • Modify the color and fonts to fit with your business identity.

Information to include on a web design quote

The web design quote template provides a complete framework so that you have to fill out only the basic information such as:

  • Information about the customer who requested for the quote including name, company name, street address, city, zip code, and phone.
  • Date when you issue the quote as well as expiration date.
  • Quote number for your sales process management.
  • A list of services that you will perform including item#, description, price, and discount. This may include prototyping, responsive design, logo design, CMS ready, content architecture planning, etc.
  • You can also add tax to the total of the quote for the whole web design package.

At the end of the quotation, there is a line for the prospective customer to sign and accept the quote.

Download the web design quote template

Download the web design quote template below and start creating web design quotes for your business. Feel free to customize it to make it work for your business. If you need to customize the template, please contact us for this service.